Friday, March 30, 2007

Take a class with Dave & Dave : Week 12 Assignments

Week 12

Hope you like 'em...

cwd121: Water (small scale) - Take a photo of water. Not a pond or a lake or a stream or a river or an ocean. Think smaller. Drips, splashes, etc. This is pretty much wide open...basically, if it's not a natural body of water, you're good.
cwd122: Grit - Show us your rust, your dirt, your slime, your flaking paint, your broken glass. You get the idea.
cwd123: 8 Seconds - An eight second exposure. That's your only requirement. 8 seconds. Not 7. Not 9. Eight. (unless your camera can't do an 8 second exposure, in which case your assignment is to do the longest exposure your camera will allow you to do)

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