Saturday, April 07, 2007

IUSETHIS - Mike Jorgensen's Web Log:

Mike Jorgensen's Web Log: IUSETHIS

A cool new site, blogged about briefly above by Mike, iusethis is where you can share a list of which Apple Mac applications you are currently using. My profile is here.

Numerous bundled applications, such as Mail are listed for you to select, as well as many third party products, such as a favorite of mine, Delicious Library.

I'm not sure of what value it is having everyone know what apps I use, but part of the immediate value is the quick availability to review comments on specific applications. I'd just as soon have the option to be anonymous for folks that desire that, but would still like to contribute their statistics and information.

Though still in beta, I had no issues with the site, and was quickly able to locate a couple of third party applications in seconds.

If you have a Mac, do give this site a visit, if for nothing else than to see an interesting Web 2.0 style application.

Your fellow Mac user,

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