Sunday, April 22, 2007

juhu - a Mac OS X client for Jaiku

juhu: "a mac os x client for jaiku"

Yep, someone has begun work on one, and it works. Well, let me say rather, it does what it says it does. Kudos for that.

It took only seconds to download the zip and run it the first time. It does require both your user ID and your API key.

After that bit of setup the small footprint screen is shown with your most recent Jaiku post visible. With a small change to the preferences, recent posts from you and your contacts show up.

juhu screenshot

It's still in its infancy as an application but it meets my most immediate desire, to not have to visit to post.

If you have a Mac and are using Jaiku, do give this a try.

Your poorly connected blogger,

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