Friday, April 20, 2007

Nitens Flickr Gadgets : Group Trackr

Nitens Flickr Gadgets: Group Trackr : Tojosan’s groups

nitens | flickr gadgets may have a funny name, but it has a very cool gadget. The nitens' flickr gadget I'm referring to is Group Tracker. Group tracker allows you to see graphs of you how your group is doing with members and photos.

If you follow this link:

Tojosan’s groups

You'll see four graphs; one graph is for each group that I administrate. Tracking starts within 24 hours of you claiming your group.

Graphs can be posted on the main page for that flickr group, or on your website.

This is a good tool for both the administrator and group members. An up and coming group with their graph showing that growth might even cause a stronger interest.

I've signed up for my four groups, and I plan on posting the graph on at least one or two.

In any case, give it a look if you admin a flickr group.

Your fellow flickr fan boy,

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