Friday, April 20, 2007

Official Google Blog: Searching without a query

"Today we're releasing two features that reduce the need for you to type in specific queries to get the information you want. Both of these are available to Search History users.

The first is a recommendations button on the Google Toolbar that looks like a pair of dice. Click on the dice, and we'll take you to a site that may be interesting to you based on your past searches. If you want another, just click the dice again and we'll show you a new one. We'll give you up to 50 new sites per day that might be of interest. Just add the button to your Toolbar. (In order to use this feature, you need the latest version of the Toolbar.)

If you prefer to get your information at a glance, we've added a recommendations tab that you can add to your personalized homepage. Simply click on 'Add A Tab' on your Google Personalized Homepage, and type in 'Recommendations' for the tab name (keep the 'I'm feeling lucky' checkbox checked). We'll give you a page of recommendations that are updated daily."

Google has released the new features listed above to make searching even simpler. I love the idea of rolling the "dice" to find a site I might like. This reminds me of their earlier provided "I'm Feeling Lucky" link, but cooler.

Currently this functionality is strictly available with the use of the Google Toolbar and only then if you have Search History turned on. This makes this totally an opt-in function. Bonus!

This sounds like a great feature, especially if you are just too lazy to type something in the search box. So if this is for you, go check it out today. Remember to put this through the ringer and provide some feedback to Google.

Your Google fan boy,

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