Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Photodoto - Do a DoubleTake on Your Photos

Photodoto - Do a DoubleTake on Your Photos

Photodoto has a informative review about the shareware, DoubleTake for the Mac.

The big selling point is turning a series of, in this example 6 megapixel, shot into a 17 megapixel shot. Amazing you say! Well this program is first and foremost a photo stitching program. The reviewer gives it props even compared to much more expensive packages in this respect.

Tool sets include not only photo stitching but also the ability to turn large shots into several printed pages, and the ability to make individual prints that can be stitched together to form large posters. Sounds like lots of fun to me.

For more details and depth, please visit the review on Photodoto.com, at the link above.

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