Friday, April 20, 2007

So off I flew to Montreal

Out the window
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Last Sunday I flew off to Montreal Canada about midday. The weather was fine leaving St. Louis and Chicago both. Of course cruising altitude is above the clouds, so during the day the view was great. (see the photo)

I arrived in the early evening only to be greeted by rain. :( That aside, after getting settled in the Holiday Inn, I made my way out to dinner. There's a great place not far up St. Jean, called Baton Rouge. The restaurant featured several interesting entries, however I chose the Cajun Pasta. (I miss Nawlins sometimes.)

Cajun Pasta w/sausage

It was quite yummy! Service was good and the price wasn't outrageous.

So after resting and enjoying dinner I walked out only to discover a snow storm. Woah. Heavy rain to snow in just under an hour.

Snowfall on Montreal

The final accumulation was several inches by morning. Talk about out of nowhere weather.

I settled in for the night in the hotel, where I uploaded my photos, made a few comments, and polished off a couple of chapters in my book, Odd Thomas.

All in all, not a bad trip and arrival day.

More catch up posts to come.
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