Saturday, April 07, 2007

Take a class with Dave & Dave : Week 13 Assignments

And I quote:

"So this week I’m going to break the code for how I choose my assignments. First is a shot that practices or explores a photographic technique, using our equipment, lenses lights, the camera itself. Second is something dealing mostly with composition or arranging of picture elements to create a strong image. And lastly, something I think about as a stock assignment. I think of a search term, generally having to do with people. That’s it. I hope everyone is pushing themselves to learn about their equipment, getting creative, and making strong impactful images.

Assignment 1. Frozen Time. We’ve played with motion blur, but there is another very powerful way to convey energy, freeze motion in a way that can’t possibly just exist. High shutter speed in plenty of light will give a nice sharp image no matter how fast your subject may be moving. Images will be judged on sharpness. Tag with cwd131

Assignment 2. Mirror/Reflection. A great, though challenging, compositional element is the mirror. Use reflections to complement your subject. Anyone doing a self-portrait in a mirror will be tagged “phoned in.” All other reflections are fair game. Tag with cwd132.

Assignment 3. Dance. A wonderfully visual, high energy activity. I expect this one to be a real challenge because just like dancing itself, it sounds easy but getting a good coherent image will require creativity and forethought. Tag with cwd133."

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