Friday, April 27, 2007


ThisService: "Lets you turn any command line script or AppleScript into a system service, accessed from the Services menu."

That's their tagline and it's true. ThisService was written by Jesper at the request of John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

So what is ThisService?
"...I built a tool to easily turn any command line script (shell script, script written in Ruby, Perl, Python or PHP) or any AppleScript responding to a certain handler into a full-blown first-class service, complete with name and keyboard shortcut. Piping just got a whole lot easier."

Any good uses? Well John Gruber found one, a script to do a Lucky search in Google off of highlighted text. With script code provided, John walks through the use of ThisService with the script, and mentions one of my favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Give it a look if you've ever wanted to have more cool things at your fingertips on your Mac.

Kick 'em up, it's Friday,

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