Monday, April 09, 2007

TinyURL Service

Macworld: Mac Gems: TinyURL Service

Dan Frakes
of Macworld brings us a great article on a free TinyURL service of the Mac.

To quote ...

TinyURL is a clever resource that takes the hassle out of sending URLs via email. Unfortunately, it adds hassles of its own. You have to copy the destination URL, go to in your browser, paste the URL, click on the Make TinyURL button, copy the resulting “Tiny” URL, and then paste that URL into your email message. Not a horrible procedure, but certainly not a smooth workflow. Rachel Blackman (a.k.a., Riverdark Studios) has made the process much simpler with TinyURL Service 0.2 (3.5 mice; free). (Thanks to Scott at MacUser for finding this one!)

Dan explains the ins and outs of this free TinyURL service. He covers all the way from install to use in this compact article. The service adds right into the Services menu off the menu bar at the top of many applications.

If you are currently running out to frequently, then perhaps this service is for you.

As you'll note, I'm a big fan of their service.

Check out Dan's article, download and try the service, and leave him some feedback.

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