Monday, April 09, 2007

Twitter - new behavoir for links

Use Twitter to keep in touch? Not yet? Well, take a minute and check out my Twitter page or Hilary's. Her Twitter is much busier. :)

Anyway, Twitter allows you to post links as part of your message. Until recently each character of that link counted harshly against the maximum character count for a

For example, if the message was Hey check out my blog at, you'd have come close to your character limit. Longer URLs were hopeless with out a visit to tinyurl.

Well thanks to the Twitter code monkeys, we now have tinyurl built in. Any URLs posted in a message are automatically run through tinyurl and turned into a much shorter URL.

This is totally automatic, and invisible to the sender. The receiver just gets the tinyurl link, and a much shorter message. Tinyurl links are working links, with no special requirements.

Thank you Twitter for this excellent stealth feature.

A happy Twitter user,

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