Friday, April 20, 2007

A two bit player in a worn out play in a broken down venue

Or at least that's how I felt after the first day.

The purpose of the Montreal visit was to support testing and some training for our new DC go live. Well, being a programmer, I'd expect most of my help to be with diagnosing broken things. So as you might guess, I spent my day mostly helping the testers prep some good test data.

The users hadn't been given a good enough heads up on what might be the best test scenarios. Oh they had some listed but there are lots of caveats as to what works. Needles to say the first day didn't result in tons of success. :(

It made for a long day. To make up for that, we dined at a great little place, La Perle, a dim sum style Chinese restaurant. The arrangement is basically a fixed price per person, everything included. The menu contained many dishes, of which our group sample only a few.

We tried garlic beef, sweet and sour pork, pan fried noodles, boiled rice, and a few other things. The dishes were served in courses, with the soup served first along with the peanut butter dumplings and chicken satay. I've never had the dumplings before. They were prepared with sesame seeds and a peanut butter derived sauce. Inside was a sausage mixture. This was quite appetizing.

The remainder of the dishes were brought out in two more runs. In between they served us green tea. Dessert was our choice of either a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or a scoop of sherbert. I chose the ice-cream to top off. :)

I wrapped up the evening by grabbing this shot of myself. It covers both the 365 daily picture and provided yet another shot for International Mirror Week!

Well enough of the fun for that day. More of my week to come.

Your resting blogger,

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