Monday, April 09, 2007

The Waybacks

The Waybacks: home page

Like a little blue grass, a little rock-a-billy, and a strong touch of down home strings? Then you've come to the right group. Their music is a fun feast, like candy for the ears.

The song that turned me onto them is From the Pasture to the Future. But I've already purchased a few other songs after listening to only half a dozen ITMS previews.

The link above is directly to their home page, and lo and behold, it's cleans, simple, and nice surprise. They have a simple layout with links to the appearances coming up, as well the obligatory MySpace page.

They also link directly to ITMS for finding their music as well as one of my favorite sites, Flickr.

At any rate, I like this band and I've only just met them. Go, visit, download a song or three, and give your ears a treat.

Your sometimes music buff,

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