Monday, May 14, 2007

The Adventures of Jill and Hil: Jill's play will be in FringeNYC!

From Jill and Hil's blog:

Jill wrote a play. It's called The Boy on the Other Side of the World. It was accepted into the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC). The festival runs from August 10-26, 2007.

Hilary is psyched to be co-directing!
Jill is mucho psyched to have Hilary co-directing!

We are already gearing up for the event. We are looking for help in the form of services, materials, information, and money to help make this show what it deserves to be! If you can help in any of the following areas, please contact us at! Lifeblood Theater Company is a 501c3 not-for-profit, so your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The following is an initial list of people/things we are in the process of tracking down. More info to come, but please browse through it and see if you or anyone who know fits the bill!

People we need:

  • Actors: The show has three females and two males. We'll be posting a specific casting notice soon, but we definitely need you to spread the word among your contacts to find... a male rock star type who needs to perform two scenes with an Australian accent. And isn't bothered by taking his shirt off on stage. (For the rest of his scenes, accent is irrelevant so long as it's not Aussie.) AND a boy-next-door charmer who performs MOST of the play with an Australian accent and a few scenes as a not-very-intelligent American.
  • Scenic designer: Think surreal. And movable. We have 15 minutes to put up the set and take it down before and after each performance. We'll be sharing the venue with at least 10 other companies and we won't have a heckuva lot of storage space.
  • Lighting designer: Whichever venue we end up in, it's going to be a repertory plot. We'll have one tech rehearsal in the space, probably about 3 hours long. So lighting design basically entails having a good plan for what needs to be done, showing up at the tech and writing the cues rather quickly.
  • Sound designer: Jill is aurally-obsessed. Jill wrote characters that are aurally-obsessed. We need a sound designer. As far as ambient sound, the show requires some ocean. Plus, as the co-directors, we hope to get a bunch of cool music in the show. But we're poor. And unknown. So famous people will not give us permission to use their music. Thus, we'll be trawling MySpace Music and our contacts looking for...
  • Cool musicians wanting some love and publicity and willing to let us use their music in the show if it fits. Got something?
  • Costume Designer: Did we mention one of the characters is a five year old girl?
  • Stage Manager
  • Publicist
  • Graphic artist: Postcards are the single most important publicity tool at the festival. We're envisioning edgy, sexy, and proclaiming: "This is a dirty romantic comedy that the guys will NOT regret they came to." There will very likely also be small posters made. AND the same design or a variation thereof will be featured on the Fringe website and in a few print advertisements.
Stuff we need:
  • Audition space
  • Rehearsal space
  • Printing services
  • Materials for set
  • Props (TBD)
  • Music
  • Sponsorships
So this is why we are raising money. A lot goes into a play!

Don't think you have anything to give? How 'bout you skip that latte and send that Fourbucks to us? Donate $50 or more and get a Jill and Hil print! Donate $100 or more and Hilary will personally bake cookies for you.
(Ed. Note: Hilary's cookies are really good.)

Online ticket sales begin July 27th! Thank you in advance for your help and we hope to see you at the show!

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