Monday, May 28, 2007

Birthday High Jinks for Ultima Online's Richard Garriott

Birthday High Jinks for Ultima Online's Richard Garriott

From the article:

The evening was billed as "Magic at the Manor," featuring performances by 18 of the world's leading magicians, but with a twist that had Garriott feeling particularly giddy. In the party invitation, itself a cryptic message that had to be heated in an oven to display the URL where guests could find details for the event, he vowed to re-create a long-forgotten method of sawing a woman in half — then reveal how the trick was done.

The article describes past parties themed around the Titanic and Beyond Thunderdome, and leads into the current party. Magic is intertwined with a mystery as guests are lead through Garriott's castle.

The finally sounds worth the wait as Garriott leaves his guests with these parting words.

"It's all about secrets," said a grinning Garriott. "I imbue my games and my parties with the process of discovery, with a physical manifestation of unreality."

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