Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blogging Mistakes: Final List

Blogging Mistakes: Final List

Brought to us from Daily Blog Tips:

"This is the final list of entries for the blog project “Blogging Mistakes”. We had 48 blogs participating on the project, hopefully we will learn from those mistakes and avoid them on the future. I was thinking that people would mention the same blogging mistakes over and over again, but that was not the case so make sure to check all the entries!"

This page is the list of links for each of the 48 blogs. Some links have just a couple of lessons learned, others more, but I'm looking to find several that I can learn from.

Please show some love to Daily Blog Tips and to the 48 participating blogs by clicking through, and following some of the links. Also, feel free to blog them too. ;)

Your fellow blogger,

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