Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Dog's Breakfast

David Hewlett, to most of us Rodney McKay on Stargate Atlantis, comes to us with his own feature film. A dark comedy, and as David is quoted as saying, "A murder the whole family can enjoy."

From the website:
"If you've never been good at anything in your life, why would murder be any different? Patrick has always had a somewhat combative relationship with his little sister Marilyn. But when she brings home her new sci-fi-soap star fiancĂ© Ryan, it's all out war. When Patrick fails to drive a wedge between the happy couple, he reaches for sharper instruments. Every family has a few skeletons in the closet; A Dog’s Breakfast is the nightmarishly funny mess Patrick makes when he tries to add another to his.

A Dog's Breakfast is a head smacking, bone breaking, fiancé bashing romp, with a family that just loves themselves to pieces."

David's site host some clips from the movie, a sidebar to monitor him on Twitter and a way for fans to sign up and comment.

I got a big laugh just watching the clips, and I'm sure I'll purchase this when it comes out.


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