Thursday, June 21, 2007

Killer video search engine (ClipBlast) � Scobleizer

Not yet on TechCrunch: killer video search engine (ClipBlast) @ Scobleizer

Robert Scoble shares the scoop with us about the killer video search engine, Clipblast.

To quote him:

Anyway, here’s the highlights.

1. Their engine has been spidering the video world for 3.5 years.
2. Three million professionally-done video clips with five million additional of user generated clips.
3. The current interface on Clipblast went live in April.

Robert had the chance to chat one on one with the CEO of Clipblast, Gary Baker. Mr. Baker shared some history and the company's strengths but my favorite quote is this.

“Our ultimate goal is to get viewers and more views to the video.”

All said, I'm going to give it a try. Maybe it'll find my one and only video! The site itself looks like this.

ClipBlast Video Search Engine

Please check them out at, and show them some love by blogging about them and sharing the link with your friends.


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