Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ms. Dewey - Search Vixen

Ms. Dewey - Search Vixen

So mix a bit of MS Live Search, a bit of sexy woman in annoying clips and patience trying delays and you have Ms Dewey the search bot.

Yes, she looks pretty and has a sweet voice, but that only goes so far. After the first time I'm reading the search results and she taps on the 'glass' to prompt me, our relationship was about over.

The site is much like any other search site, you fill in the text field and hit enter, then you get search results. In this case though, Ms Dewey has to put on the show of 'thinking' about your question, displaying an animated response, then the results come up in a 3"x3" window.

The results 'window' has no scroll bar but is responsive to mouse scrolling.
("Hello, type something here", as she taps on the screen.)
Results are shown with a small bit of text from the page, as well as the page title and the link. A problem is that where you see the link, you can't click, but you click on the title.
(She shoots a rubber band at us.)

I don't need a search interface that makes flirty eye contact, ask me if I'm there, nor ponder my searches. Oh yes, and don't search on Ms. Dewey, or you'll hear about her family reunions.

Overall, this is fun to show your friends ... once. After that not so much.
("Hello, type something here", she prompts again.)

Ok, I'm done letting Ms. Dewey search for me.


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