Friday, June 08, 2007

SCIFI.COM - The Dresden Files

SCIFI.COM | The Dresden Files

If you aren't watching The Dresden Files on SciFi Channel you are missing out. The actor, Paul Blackthorne, has played on a lot of TV shows over the recent years, including 24, ER, and even Deadwood. In the role of Harry Dresden, he's a likable schmuck of a wizard, whom everyone on the series either loves or hates. The only undecided folks are ones that haven't met him.

Harry operates as a wizard out in the open, even going so far as to be listed in the yellow pages. The stories take place in Chicago, and frequently involve murder, magic and demons. He is frequently paired with a police lieutenant named Murphy, who busts his chops as often as she partners with him on a case.

The part is well acted and the series is entertaining. I recommend you check it out at the SciFi website. Also consider downloading an episode or two off of iTunes Music Store.


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