Sunday, July 01, 2007

A new programming language for learning to program

A new programming language for learning to program | Technology and Entertainment Video Network

Robert Scoble introduces us to Brandon Watts, the developer of the Leopard Programming Language. The Leopard Programming Language is not a Apple Mac Leopard OS programming language, but rather a learning language.

Brandon created this Windows programming language to help people get a good introduction to programming. The language is higher level than say the Turtle programming language but a significant step down from something like C++.

Brandon makes a great person to interview as you'll see in the video. He was able to not only explain the purpose of the language, but demonstrate an actual application and it's source code. The application was both short and readable, was running on Windows.

I'd like to see more about Brandon, and this language, as well the the Weather Bug Achieve Program which he mentions.

Please click through and enjoy an introduction to Leopard.


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