Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pownce me! Invite?

Pownce : Tojosan

So a Pownce invite came my way via a friend of a friend. It's the latest project from the folks that fathered Digg.

What is Pownce? Pownce is yet another social network. (YASN) This social network has much in common with Jaiku and Twitter. The primary commonality is the use of person to person and public message sending. All three of these support that. So what does Pownce bring to the table? Pownce not only allows you to post a link or a note, but Pownce allows you to post a file or event.

Files are limited to 10 MB unless you go Pro. That should cover most images you'd want to send as well as a wide range of other documents.

That aside, what else makes it interesting? Pownce also supports the ability to reply to a message. Not just messages sent privately to you, but to public messages you receive. To top that, there is a forward message function as well. This is something neither Jaiku or Twitter currently support.

How useful is that feature? I'd say it's my favorite so far. That feature, as well as ability to address to public, friends, or private give this application a slight edge in this niche.

As an added bonus to get folks started there are already Mac and Windows clients available. These are in alpha release.

So you are asking yourself (okay some of you anyway), "how do I get an invite?" Well, I have a couple of invites I'd be willing to pass on. In exchange for you providing a reply to this post with your email addy, I'd ask that you'd provide at least one free invite to anyone that mentions my nick, Tojosan.

Any takers? Reply below. First two folks to reply to this get the invites. Don't make me find some geeky gamer kid down the block to give these to.


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