Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pownce my event!

Pownce, one of the new kids on the social networking block, allows you to post messages, files, links and .... events. An event is just that, an activity at a place at some date and time. Though it isn't sophisticated, it works.

As you can see by the screen capture above, it's got some Ajax goodness. Simply, you select to add an event, and you are prompted for the what, where, and when. You are also provided a space for notes.

After populating the event, you can then select to sent it to one or many friends, or for the really brave, the Public.

So far, you might be saying so what. Well here it what your friends receive.

On their copy, they have the ability to RSVP your event. Additionally, they can forward that event on. Did you forget someone on the original list? You can also forward it to whomever.

So far, events don't appear to be portable or exportable. My feature request would be for iCal support going both directions.

Have you made use of Pownce for an event? Tell me about your experience here.

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