Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Programming and Management Blog: What motivates programmers?

The Programming and Management Blog: What motivates programmers?

An interesting and insightful post by Nick Halstead of the Programming and Management blog. To quote:

Programmers program because they love to solve problems.

Duh! Sadly we complain more about the money and work conditions than the thing that bugs us most, we don't spend time solving problems. As a programmer, few things frustrate me more than a manager tell me he's sure there's a table or stray bit of code that will probably save me many hours of coding and design.

Another good point is this:

Programmers see meetings as wastes of time. Most communication between programmers is done via email or by a quick wander to another desk to clarify something that is beyond the scope of an email.

Hint, don't schedule me for a meeting unless you are giving me critical information that is highly time sensitive that can't be conveyed easily or appropriately via an email or at my desk. At one point on a recent project, I was spending about 10 hours each week in meetings. Amongst the programmers on the team, we decided we'd make them optional. Eventually we dropped to fewer and much shorter meetings and only when necessary to have more folks talk than one on one.

Click through at the link above and give Nick's article a read. Especially if you manage programmers.

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