Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amazon changes it up again - Goldbox

My favorite shopping site, Amazon, is changing up things on the website again. The old Goldbox was a page with "deals" taking up about 60% of the width of the page, and running to the bottom, with the hot list running down the side. The side bar area would list recommended purchase now items with small pictures and price.

Well they've decided to give the stuff we care about more screen real estate.

Check out a screen capture here. I personally like it a lot. No more scrolling and dealing with the small pictures and words, but layout with decent spacing and size. A lot more friendly to a potential purchaser.

I recommend giving it another look if you hadn't in a while. That old Goldbox layout was getting tired and uninteresting. As a side note, they've improved my Goldbox list a good bit since the other day.

So go, I'll wait. Come back and let me know what you think, or give those folks at Amazon a holler and let them know.


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