Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amazon - Tufte and Power Tools - Gold Box Booty?

So Amazon, just when I think you're getting me down pat, you toss me up something like this:

As you can see down the page, power tools and Tufte books in the same selection. Ahem?

I've marked a couple of his books, so I'll give you those as recommendations, but seriously, power tools? I don't own but one, and that's a drill. I've never rated any tools. I've never put any tools on a wish list. I don't think I've even ever looked at a tool on Amazon.

Aside from this though. I think your team is hitting the nail on the head and really got the buzz going, and really drill in the buying habits.

(Note: I do all but 1% of my online buying from Amazon and I'm not in anyway related to or involved with them other than being a big fan.)

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