Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Facebook - Disruptive?

Teresa Valdez Klein talked about Facebook today on the BlogTalkRadio show. The question came up with her about whether Facebook is disruptive. Jim Turner and Tris Hussey were hosting as they delved into the topic.

My opinion? Facebook is dang disruptive. Facebook has become that way as it enables everyone from grandmother's to folks barely out of their teens to hook up, have conversations, and make friends. Those connections and conversations are getting folks to talk about all kinds of things and join up at a national and global level for things such as animal rights, free hug day and more. That sharing and spreading of ideas is disruptive. Of course there is talk about sex too.

One reason these things are disruptive is because of that very break down of barriers. There is much less filtering of what people see and what people say. People like myself that might never come across or bring up a topic on sexual politics of blogging ( a big one I found out) have now not only been exposed but joined the conversation. As the social network continues to grow, so does the spread of these ideas.

One another level, Facebook is disruptive simply for the interruption of flow it provides. If you're like me, when you are at your desk, Facebook is always up in a window. (yes I know about email notifications) But it's worse than email with a near constant stream of those notifications. There are wall posts, messages, pokes, comments, and that's just your personal stuff. Then there is the steady stream of uninterrupted news generated by your friends. You see everything that happens by them and to them, and through them. The news stream can be completely replaced in minutes during a busy day.

What keeps is so disruptive? Burgeoning numbers of users and applications keeps the tide rising. For example, the Twitter app means I not only get Twitter notes on Twitterrific but also on Facebook. Likewise some other applications that dual notify.

What's your opinion? is Facebook disruptive? Is that even the right word to use? Comment, blog, vlog or email me about it.
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