Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Facebook vs AOL (America On Line)

Back in the old days, when AOL was only dial-up, it was the original walled fortress of content. Now more than one person on the net claims Facebook is a content castle also. I'd like to do a little rundown to compare; has Facebook become the new old AOL?

Log-in Required ContentYesYes
Log-in required for contact infoYesYes
Messaging requires log-inYesYes
Groups and Apps - log-in reqiredYesYes

Anyway, you get the gist. That being true there are one or two key differences.
My biggest one? AOL was much prettier!
2nd biggest? AOL costed the big bucks!

Which do I prefer? Which have I found to be more fun? The better value?

Facebook. Again, this comparison is to the old locked down AOL, not the music selling, chat sharing, and open group AOL of today.

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