Friday, August 03, 2007

Scrabulous - Facebook application of Scrabble fun

On Facebook yet? Well if not, go join now. Back? Okay if you love word games, especially Scrabble, then go back and add the Scrabulous application. It's Scrabble but with more options.

You can play a move each day, a move a couple of times per day, or play live. Don't have built in partner? Create an open game and opponents will come to you.

Check out a screen shot.

The application is very smooth. When it is your turn to move, you simply click on and drag over the tile onto the board. Let it go and get another. Once you build the word, click the submit button. The application verifies and then scores your word.

All the fun without the pain. No difficulty finding an opponent, no figuring out the score, and no accidental illegal plays.

Care to challenge me?
I'm here on Facebook.

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