Friday, August 03, 2007

Wiki at work - Business or company wiki?

Does your business or company make use of a wiki? Had much success? I've been exploring making use of one for our team at work, and ran across this testimonial page on MediaWiki.

The page includes testimonials from Intel, Novell, and others. The numbers appear to reflect a strong commitment from the company to the wiki as well as interest from their employees.

Introducing a blog to team at work demonstrated how quickly people can get started. Two of my coworkers made changes within minutes of receiving the link to the homepage. That was with zero instructions. One of those is a team leader.

Though there was immediate positive response and use, it seems the manager is reluctant to adopt this "new" technology. He's a good guy though and wants to make sure we don't go down this path of using "unapproved" and "nonstandard" software when a "corporate approved" application would work.

Due diligence aside, it makes me wonder how any new and useful application gets started at a big company. How does Google do it?

So back to the question; are you making use of a wiki at your job?

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