Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hana-the Web-app App!

"Hana is your tool for working on the web. With Hana you will have a dedicated environment for accessing your most important web apps and getting your work done."

At the recommendation of a friend, I'm going to give Hana a spin. Hana is a basically a replacement for keeping one or more browser windows open, and even perhaps one or two different types of browsers open. Hana seems at first glance to wrap up your favorite web application site, e.g. Flickr, Gmail, within it's own client. No more opening Safari and Firefox to get to your favorite sites and keep them open.

It's easy to add a new 'app', just Apple-N, and type in the URL.

So I'll keep you posted as to which apps I try it with, and how well it works.


Tojosan the Photographer

In case anyone missed it, I take pictures.
Go, enjoy, comment, and fave.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Scrabulous on Facebook - Feature Update

Our friends at Scrabulous have done it again, bringing us updates with very little fanfare. The most recent update I'll take credit for suggestion, see my original post here. This newest feature is a nudge link on the inactive games list next to each game. Here's a quick screenshot.

The new link sends you to this screen.

This is basically a standard Facebook message. It pre-populates the message title and body too. How nice.

I'm going to love this feature and have used it already just moments ago.

Keep up the great work Scrabulous, and to everyone else, give it a go and challenge me!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Scottish Arms Restaurant and Pub

Saturday Lunch:
Located just off Forest Park Ave. in downtown St. Louis, this establishment is one of the few homes to Scottish dining in the area. Providing both traditional Scottish food, along side more conventional pub fair, it was comfortable and welcoming.

The background music was out of character for such a place. It was music with the sound of clubs from a much earlier time. The decor's big highlight was the lines of malt Scotch boxes around the room. The tables were conventional squares, with some few booths.

For this our first visit, we were the only customers there for lunch. Our waiter was exceptionally friendly and helpful. We were even greeted politely by the kilt wearing bar maiden. Always a plus.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

iPhone - Unlocking works

I saw a real life unlocked iPhone. Hopefully that someone will clue me on where they found the unlocking goodness, and how much is involved.


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Did you talk like a pirate yesterday?

Digg Ventures Into Social Networking

Digg has new personal profiles. What does that mean for the masses? For one thing it's now much easier to see who your friends our and just what they've dugg. Also, it supports a new feature, shouts. You can shout to a friend on their profile page or an one of the articles dugg by them or by yourself.

Not sure that it's "all that", but for now it has increase folks' interest in spending time at Digg instead of just a few minutes idly thumbing through new articles.

Facebook - Scrabulous - New features on the way

From the Scrabulous page in Facebook:

Features coming soon:
Temporary score - No need to do the math before placing a word.
Tiles left - Tile tracking will be a lot easier for all players.
Improved interface - You will love it!
Dictionaries - We shall be offering more language options.
Type tiles option - Will be much faster to place the tiles on to the board.
Messaging system - New message notification icon.

I'm excited about the messaging system the most. Keep up the great work guys. Love this game.

Scrabulous on Facebook - New Servers

The new Scrabulous servers are in place. Definitely noticing a more responsive experience.

Another recent change is that inactive games are no longer displayed along with active games. You must click on a link. I wonder if this reduces the spurious click to force a forfeit.

Speaking of that, may I humbly suggest a "nudge" button? This might be better than having to click through a few screens to message someone.

Anyway, if you are on Facebook, check out Scrabulous. Or you can check out the main Scrabulous page if not.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Me.dium Rocks The Net!

From September 18th through the 22nd, Me.dium is hosting RockMe. (, a five-day online music festival bringing five well-known rock bands together to meet and interact with their fans in a unique online social setting. The participating bands include Rose Hill Drive, The Fiery Furnaces, Jeffrey Lewis, Gosling and The Willowz. During the festival, there will be giveaways, chats with the bands and streaming concerts.

Me.dium is one of those cool tools you can't appreciate until you give it a try. As a plug-in for Firefox, it's amazing to watch when folks swarm on a site. That's just what's happening now with the online music festival.

Please drop by, try out the tool, and enjoy the music fest!

Pownce Now Shows Flickr

Pownce, one of my more active SocNet tools, has a new feature. They are now turning shared Flickr links into preview pictures.

Excellent work Pownce Team.


(I have 9 Pownce invites if someone needs one.)

What's your caffeine beverage of choice?

What I dream of
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So what do other tech heads reach for?

BlogTalkRadio - Tris Hussey - Is this Apple's Time to Attack Microsoft?

BlogTalkRadio - Tris Hussey - Is this Apple's Time to Attack Microsoft?

"Vista is a disappointment, Dell and others are installing Ubuntu, Parallels and VMWare work great on OSX ... is this time for Apple to shine? Chat with us and our guest Uri Levanon about this hot topic."

Interesting discussion, covering some ideas about what Apple could, would, maybe and might do. Especially taking into consideration the current success of Apple.

Check it out.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free WiFi in St. Louis Metro?

Alright folks, help me find some free wifi in the greater St. Louis area. Email me, or comment or blog about it and link back here.
Any place but Starbucks please. :)


Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Art of the Start

The Art of the Start
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
I'm looking forward to reading this book. It's mine and signed by the author. What a treat.

Sent because I gave Truemors a try. Have you?

Latin American Furniture Remix

Latin American Furniture Remix
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
I seriously want to know if every mexican restaurant in town bought their furniture at the same place.

Secondly, do local restaurants in Mexico and other places south of the border have the same decor as up here? Seriously?!

libera me

libera me
Originally uploaded by DrJoanne.
Truman Capote could have been a programmer. For cutting stuff out and trimming things down seems to be a lost art in programming.

Thanks to DrJoanne for another great phot.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HOWTO: Protect Your Privacy on Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn

HOWTO: Protect Your Privacy on Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn

Very thorough how to article on protecting privacy on social networks. The tips include Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scrabulous on Facebook - Updates!

Our friends at Scrabulous have given us an update to the main menu as well as to the stats screen.

Notice the greeting on the Main Menu? In this example, Jambo. On a refresh, it just came up Shalom for me. Remind you of something?

Also, check out the stats in the picture. You can now see each of your bingos in addition to your current win/lose stats. This was a nice surprise.

Good update Scrabulous Team!

One thing to note, if you look close, you'll notice that the active games is a negative number. Now I'm not one to quibble over small things, but a negative? It isn't affecting the play or the stats, so chalk that one up as minor.

Thanks for giving us this fun diversion and keep the updates coming.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Facebook - Scrabulous - Etiquette on Inactive Games

So your Scrablulous opponent hasn't moved in 7 days and the game has moved to the inactive area. Is there a certain protocol one should follow before forcing the forfeit?

I recently forced a win for myself on a game that aged out, and was surprised by a direct message by my opponent. Basically the accusation was that I just did it for the point. That person's feeling was that I should have waited longer before forcing it. The question comes to mind as to how long I should have waited or should I have waited indefinitely. The reason mentioned for not making a move was the inability to get into Scrabulous on Facebook.

So what would you do? Would you have made some attempt to contact your opponent? Would you have waited an extra week?

There is a a link that leads to sending that other person a message. Perhaps that's the best route. But what if they are out of town? One just never knows. Is this a big problem for anyone else?

One thing I'd like to see maybe is a out of town feature on Facebook. One that other applications could read and display. This would allow Scrabulous to show me my opponent is unable to get back to the game.

Share your ideas here, or to the Facebook or Scrabulous teams.

On a note about being unable to get into the game. The last few days has been tough to get in because of failures on loading the game. I'm not sure why but perhaps not everyone is as persistent as me, and gives up after a retry or two. Someone check this out please.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Official Zooomr Blog : Hey Check This Out! Zooomr Thumbnails Are Now in Pownce

Official Zooomr Blog : Hey Check This Out! Zooomr Thumbnails Are Now in Pownce

The title says it pretty well! Zooomr and Pownce have a killer integration feature. When the Link option is used in Pownce and the URL is that of a picture on Zooomr, Pownce shows a good size thumbnail of that picture.

Great feature. Thanks Pownce and Zooomr!


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Interview with Kevin Bertotti

Kevin is 100 Songs in 100 Days. His work on this project is inspirational and very impressive. The video will answer your questions about him and this project.

The video is an interview based on questions I provided as well, and with collaboration from Hilary McHone in conducting the in person interview.
Thank you both.