Saturday, September 08, 2007

Facebook - Scrabulous - Etiquette on Inactive Games

So your Scrablulous opponent hasn't moved in 7 days and the game has moved to the inactive area. Is there a certain protocol one should follow before forcing the forfeit?

I recently forced a win for myself on a game that aged out, and was surprised by a direct message by my opponent. Basically the accusation was that I just did it for the point. That person's feeling was that I should have waited longer before forcing it. The question comes to mind as to how long I should have waited or should I have waited indefinitely. The reason mentioned for not making a move was the inability to get into Scrabulous on Facebook.

So what would you do? Would you have made some attempt to contact your opponent? Would you have waited an extra week?

There is a a link that leads to sending that other person a message. Perhaps that's the best route. But what if they are out of town? One just never knows. Is this a big problem for anyone else?

One thing I'd like to see maybe is a out of town feature on Facebook. One that other applications could read and display. This would allow Scrabulous to show me my opponent is unable to get back to the game.

Share your ideas here, or to the Facebook or Scrabulous teams.

On a note about being unable to get into the game. The last few days has been tough to get in because of failures on loading the game. I'm not sure why but perhaps not everyone is as persistent as me, and gives up after a retry or two. Someone check this out please.

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