Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hana-the Web-app App!

"Hana is your tool for working on the web. With Hana you will have a dedicated environment for accessing your most important web apps and getting your work done."

At the recommendation of a friend, I'm going to give Hana a spin. Hana is a basically a replacement for keeping one or more browser windows open, and even perhaps one or two different types of browsers open. Hana seems at first glance to wrap up your favorite web application site, e.g. Flickr, Gmail, within it's own client. No more opening Safari and Firefox to get to your favorite sites and keep them open.

It's easy to add a new 'app', just Apple-N, and type in the URL.

So I'll keep you posted as to which apps I try it with, and how well it works.


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