Saturday, October 13, 2007

Networking Your Way To a Triple-Word Score -

Networking Your Way To a Triple-Word Score -

"Scrabble addict Rachel Zylstra is playing five games at once. For her move in one of them, she's just plunked down a seven-letter bingo, the word 'SAINTED,' for 74 points. The game is taking place over the Internet against her friend Gretchen. 'She's a good friend,' says Ms. Zylstra, a 27-year-old executive assistant in New York. 'I know she can handle it.'"

So begins an interesting and informative article at the Wall Street Journal. Scrabulous is one of the most fun and successful Facebook applications to date. Brought to us by the Agarwalla brother of, the games is both addictive and easy to play.

The article goes into the history of how Scrabulous got started and came to be on Facebook. It also shares some statistics that will definitely impress.

It also mentioned this little tidbit.
For Nick George, the bigger issue is players getting outside help. The 46-year-old Tokyo-based multimedia producer is one of the game's top players, with more than 1,000 wins and fewer than 140 losses.

I so want to be that guy. :)

Anyway, please click through and read the full article. Also check out Scrabulous on Facebook. You won't be disappointed.

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