Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scrabulous on Facebook - Flash me?

My favorite Facebook has a problem (in my own opinion only); it's a flasher. Yes, it uses Flash. Is that a bad thing you might ask? To be honest, not really.

I'm a big fan of some Flash done right ala Scrabulous, but I think there's still a rpoblem. The folks out there are missing something ... a big part of the player base. You might wonder wear if they have both a standalone website, and a Facebook application, both of which are free.

Yes, they are missing out on the players on cell phones. Believe it or not, they are a market. Thanks in large part to very advanced phones coming out these days with full blown browsers. So how does one best support these small screen users? With Ajax of course.

Ajax combined with a wee bit of customization is all it takes. Examples? Apple has bundle of them listed now. But just one example will do here, Facebook. Faceboook already had a custom view for iPhone users that works quite well.

So in summary, my dear favorite Facebook app team, please please consider making a phone friendly version minus Flash.


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