Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scrabulous on Facebook - last weekends updates

As I mentioned in this article, Scrabulous did some updates to the Facebook side of things over the weekend. During that time not only were some bug fixes up in, but Scrabulous was given a facelift. Below is a screenshot with some of the key changes marked out.

Aside from updating the look of the tiles and tray, and the buttons below them, I have three other favorite updates. First and foremost, the messaging window is most appreciated. Formerly an envelope was in the icon toolbar, and there was no indication that your opponent had posted a message. The new message area moves up and scrolls similar to a standard chat window. Second, the last word box has been spiffed up a bit. Previously, the tiny text showing the last move and points was all that was there. It has a mouse over overlay now which just shows the word and score in bigger lettering. Good for those of us with weaker eyes. And we all know who played the last word anyway. Finally, my third pick, is the icon menu. Revamped, it has been made cleaner and more distinct. Not a huge change but quickly spotted.

Okay, so I really like the new look, and you wonder if I'm a total fan boy and couldn't complain if you paid me? Well, not true. I have one complaint. Previously when you hit the dictionary lookup, it automatically displayed all of the two letter words. Now that requires a second click. Not a huge complaint I know, but hey, I use that feature frequently. :)

Good work Scrabulous crew. Keep it up.

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