Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where do you hang your virtual hat?

Case-Notes from the Artsy Asylum: Coworking - A Place to Hang Our Digital Hats

The article linked above describes how the workspace of Reynolds Clary & Associates came to be. At least from desire to layout and design. The author walks us through what needs drove the creation of this unique virtual work environment.

To quote:

More noddling around the idea made me sure that we needed more than desk space but less than a commune. The space had to be workable for people either alone or in groups. It had to enable if not foster working cooperatively. It had to work for larger group meetings if needed. And it had to be functional for those with diverse skill-sets and interests.

The key points included usability, comfort and not just a place to hang out.

Inspiration was drawn from such places as Cubespace and Workspace.

Included in the article is a testimonial video from someone working in such a real world shared work space.

Please do click through.

Another article worth reading is "The Role of *Stuff* in a Virtual World". The article discusses the role of virtual counter parts to real world objects. The base reasons we love these objects in a virtual world? Comfort and familiarity. Pumpkins and turkeys can even be key things in the search for making our virtual experience an easier and more productive one.

Personally, I'd extend the thought behind the article to the fact that those counterpart objects provide the right amount of background for our brains to be comfortable ignoring it. Heck, in lots of the SL world, there is plenty that practically shouts to be looked at, heard or both. A shared work space needs to be one where our brains can focus on the task at hand.

After visiting the Reynolds Clary shared workspace in SL, I'd say it would be quite the comfortable place to work. Now if I can just learn how to blog from in-world, I'll be set.

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