Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chris Brogan asks us a great question in his article, Step Back and Look Around.

Before you go traipsing about, blogging and podcasting and twittering and uttering and making usernames all over the Internet, ask yourself what you’re hoping to get done. Most folks have one answer: meet like minded people. Or maybe you say things about how you want to talk about what matters to you (*.deity knows that’s what I do. I tell people I want to talk about things that I’m interested in talking about).

Yes, he's asking what our goals our in all of this social networking. Is it enough to just keep adding contacts and contraptions, with only a vague sense of where you want to go? Chris suggest in this article that we should each address our desires and goals, our purpose for social networking.

So just why are you adding yet another profile on another network? One that you'll have to maintain, or more likely one you won't. Is it even fair to ask your friends to subscribe to another bit of you that you might or might not share there? What's your point?

So we harken back again, what's your end goal? I'll share mine:

1) Networking with people with similar personal goals and interests
2) Networking with those already succeeding at things I'm interested in
3) Networking with existing and making new friends
4) Broadening my view of the world - my knowledge, wisdom, and experience

Care to share yours?

Visit Chris Brogan's article. Leave him a comment please.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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