Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2 and 2k more

Tab waited on the pie, thanking May, before starting the conversation up with Tom. This gave her time to think and get some confidence from the sugar rush of the pie.

"Tom, so what happened last night?"
"Bev gave me something."
"Just wait Tom, I don't want to hear about what Bev, uh, gave you." She frowned at Tom.
"Seriously Tab, that's not it at all." He began whispering. "Bev gave me a joint."
Tab didn't know whether to laugh at him or slap him. She'd never even tried drugs but wasn't freaked out about them either. But she cared about Tom, and didn't think to kindly of him doing drugs.
"So did you take it?"
"You know me, try anything once right? So yeah, I took a few tokes."
"A few huh? Did you get sick? Or let me guess, now you have mono." She was joking but sighed out loud for effect.

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