Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photophlow - new features

Photophlow, the 3rd party Flickr browsing/chatting/community site and more, just released some new features.

The first I'd like to mention is whisper. Yes, whisper is a feature. But you'd say, don't most chat clients have that. You'd be right, but Photophlow isn't a chat client.

In Photophlow rooms, users can chat in general discussion, but until now there was no private way to communicate in-room. This will add a depth to the shared viewing experience that regular chat doesn't have. It reminds me of whispering in an art show.

The second feature, more interesting to most, is the ability to post a photo to your Tumblr site. If you don't have a Tumblr.com account, visit the site and sign up. Very quick.

The feature works as advertised, posting a blog style posting of that shot to Tumblr. In addition, it comments the photo providing a link to the Tumblr post. Nice feature.

Enough said for tonight. You can read the site's own blog here.

Video attached...or so I hope.

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