Saturday, November 03, 2007

Photrade - Photo Selling?

Tojosan's Photrade page

Yes, I'd love you to visit. But to warn you, it's all about the selling.

Photrade is a site where the photographer posts images, gathers them in galleries, then sets a mark up for the price. The price of what? Prints!

Anyone can visit your Photrade site and order a print. Photrade handles the transaction and passes the extra $ back to the photographer.

Photrade is still in alpha mode but it seems easy enough to use so far. I was able to upload photos in short order, and set the mark up. Discovery of functions for those were fairly easy.

Additionally there is an events section to plan showings perhaps. As I explore it more, I'll be posting updates about it. Hopefully I'll get everyone excited for when it goes public.

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