Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tags in Utterz - Slap one on

So you posted the world's best utter, now what? Oh, so your handfull of fellow utterers find it, and maybe a few more of your Twitter buddies. But well, it seems to go nowhere after that. Maybe it's time to consider tags. That's right, tags.

For example, I recently posted this
(copy/paste if you want to see the actual Utterz)

I added tags.

Today, I did a Google search on the following:
tojosan 50mm 1.8 canon

And voila, my Utterz is the third link down.

So, if you aren't using tags today with your Utterz, please consider it. If for no other reason than that it will make them easier to find later.

Maybe you've considered those uttererances of the past throwaway. But I beg to differ, they are searchable, by you, and others. Why not give your better ones a chance.

That leads me to one other thought before I close. Utterz doesn't have to be just for notes to your friends, or reminders to yourself. It does allow automatic or manual posting to any or all of your blogs, as well as Twitter. Who knows what other networking they'll enable in the future. Tagging will become of even more value then, and if tags are enabled to be cross-posted to the blogs automatically.

Tag it my fellow Utterers!

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