Sunday, November 25, 2007

Utterz Tips

Well since two of my Utterz pals got into the act, Dayngr,, and Chris Brogan, . I thought I'd join the fun.

Here are my tips for voice Utterz:
1. State your name - Thanks Chris!
2. Know your audience and speak to us - that means if you are leaving a note for your aunt, speak like your aunt is used to; likewise if you are doing a review, we don't necessarily want to hear about pie
3. Keep it on topic - I know I have a tendency to wander verbally when I'm leaving a voice message - think of this more like a presentation - well, unless it is a message for your aunt
4. If you are making several points, clue in the listener up front - since when we record audio and the listener may not be seeing any text with it, it's fair to clue them in on the length
5. Go for quality over quantity - generally less is better if we speaking about recordings. Consider using private as your default if you will be doing numerous call ins and verbal Utterz in the same day

Of course, these tips apply less to message updates for friends and family and more so for topical utterz. Be careful not to mix the two.

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