Monday, December 31, 2007

This year of Google Blogging 2007

From Google's blog article about their blog:

It's that time again, the end of a year - time to tote up Google's blogging activity for the last 365 days. First, a few bits of data about this particular blog:
Number of posts this year: 300
New product announcements: 15 (not counting our April 1 release)
News about upgrades and additions to products: 87
Announcing products in more languages and countries: 30
Acquisitions: 12
Unique visitors: 6,738,830 (for 8,655,830 visits)
Languages: 511 (preferred language configured on computers)
Top non-Google referrers: Yahoo, Digg, Slashdot, Fark

Google's blog is one my personal favorites and you could do worse than to follow it. Lots of interesting posts here about and by one of the tech industry's favorites.

Happy New Years 2008

First off - Happy New Year! May the coming new year be prosperous for you.

Okay, now to talk about those infamous new year resolutions. Or should be say goals, as Chris Brogan does here,…OA/utt.php. Tha'ts right, resolutions are really things we are hoping to achieve in the new year or things we are going to do to help us get to something else. For example, exercising three times per week might be the resolution but the goal is to be healthier. Or if I know some of you, it's to get a date.

Jokes aside, the new years is a great place to set some goals. Often as Chris Brogan points out, we focus on negatives in our lives and habits and so drive our goals from a point of indebtedness to those negatives. But Chris is right, there is a better way.

You can base your goals off of your strengths, successes, and positive achievements desired. In my case, I'd like to have a more successful blog. Instead of focusing on how few hits or links my blog has received, what would be a better use of my time is focusing on what I did right to get those hits. That gives me some immediate clues to goals and habits for the new year.

Some things that brought me incoming links from other blogs was postinng comments there. Another was hits from being listed on blog rolls. What could I do to increase that success? Two straightforward things are obvious - make more comments on other blogs, especially those similar to mine, and link to those blogs in my blog roll.

Turning that into resolutions is simple -

1. Comment on 10 blogs every day

2. Add blogs to my blog roll that are related to mine, trying to improve that list over time

The next thing for my blog is to see which articles were successful and try to create more like them. Don't know which were for you? Then immediately a goal could be to sign up for a hit tracking service. In my case, MyBlogLog and HitTail provide some good details. Checking HitTail, I see that the most searched for articles on my blog relate to Scrabulous and Facebook, while next down the list are articles relating to photography and AS/400 programming. If you took the negative approach here, you'd focus on the fact that no one found my blog searching for movie or restaurant information, two other things I blog about. This leads me to some obvious goals.

3. Increase the number of articles about topics for which I frequently receive search hits - plan at least three to five articles per week on those topics

4. Move the article with few or no hits off to another blog or blogs or consider joining review sites for those topics.

Another thing that the right blog tracking tool can tell you is what links visitors click on to leave your blog. In my case, they frequently click out to blogs I've linked to but rarely restaurant or movie home pages. Also, my visitors click on Amazon links on occassion but not frequently, however they often click on Amazon word searches for those links. A couple of goals or resolutions present themselves:

5. Make sure every article provides relevant links - especially to other related sites and blogs

6. Better highlight links

7. Use more phrases that Amazon will automatically link

Now those goals and resolutions I listed are high level, but with the information in hand they will be refined and ultimately useful.

The idea was to walk you through positive examples. Really key to making resolutions and goals is to toss things out that didn't work. Yes, maybe your pet thing has been ranting on your blog about your airplane flighs, but no one reads those, maybe those need to go somewhere else where they fit better or they don't neeed to be up on that blog.

Of course if your whole site is about rants on airline service, then perhaps you can refocus on the articles that get the most attention, and mimic your success there.

Anyway, I hope this wasn't too dry in making the point of look to your strenghts and successes to determine your plan for next year.

Happy New Year and much success to you!

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The Cults of Programming

Mike Ash says: In my experience with various programmers over the years, I've realized that most of them fall into one of several cults which describe their behavior. I've compiled a list of cults and brief descriptions you can use to identify them.

Mike lists seven cults which he believes all programmers fall into. Some of those are the Experience Cult, the Optimization Cult, and the Perfection Cult.

Myself I find I'm under the the Optimazation and Perfection cults. I have a mix of "Members of the Optimization Cult value fast code over all other virtues.", and "Perfection Cultists know that perfect code exists with mathematical certainty and devote themselves to finding it."

The article is a fun read but beware of finding a reflection of yourself there. Luckily, if you do, Mike has some recommendations.

For optimizers:
"Prognosis: may eventually become productive with education on the actual capabilities of modern hardware, the true speeds of various operations, and the need to properly optimize programmer time."

Sunday, December 30, 2007 Now with Twitter

Photophlow, your favorite Flickr chat site, has some new features. Photoflow now has Twitter support among a couple other cool features.

Twitter support is manifest through two new features. The first allows you to send a Twitter message out from inside a Photoflow room. It's quick and simple. Just type "/twitter " and it's done. Also, if you have a photo on the right side of the Photophlow room, you can send a Twitter message about it with just one click of the tweet this icon.

Another interesting feature they've added is the "/topic " command. Once in a room, the owner or an admin can set the room's topic. Good for setting the tone of the chat.

Finally on the list, but more technical is EXIF data. Now you can click on the EXIF data link to see the information, if available, for that photo. Best for those photography geeks that get that sort of thing.

All in all a good set up features. The Twitter one was on the most requested list.

Take a look at and tell them Tojosan sent you.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Social Netwokring - Good, Bad, and Ugly

My friend Dayngr over at Dayngrous Discourse shares her thoughts on the snobbier and ego driven side of social networking.

Do you have folks you follow that don't follow you back? How about those folks in your social network that talk more than they do? Or those that just collect followers?

Then this article will interest you. Dayngr lays her thoughts out on this in a well thought out way.

Beware though, you might see yourself there.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Caught in the Twitter Tornado?

Alisa Cooper, of, writes about the experience of being in a Twitter Tornado. Alisa should coin that phrase. The experience is not unlike many people who are new to Twitter have.

It starts innocently enough with just one or two Twitter messages from friends, and you post a few yourself. The next thing you know you're following a couple dozen folks and the tweets just don't seem to stop for long periods of time.

Alisa shares how that came to be and what it's like and where it's going for her.

Do go check it out here. Tell her @tojosan sent you.

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Breakfast of ChamPEAons!

A recent Social Media Breakfast in Miami showed that Social Networking Addiction is not always a bad thing... especially when it is for a good cause such as

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Getting Closer to You - a series by Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog has a series of questions she posing to us to help us better understand ourselves. They are short but thought provoking.

How about picking up and joining her at question 1?

When you talk to your friends, what do you talk most about?

Are Twitter and Facebook enough to change the world?

Rebecca Thorman at Conversation Agent takes a stab at that with her article, Social Media doesn't Create New Generation Leaders.

Rebecca speaks to the Y Generation in her article, but she could be speaking to us all. She both accuses us and questions us.

"And there's a majority of us who just sit back. We sit back, content to lead mediocre lives. To never step out. To work, to love, to lead good lives. To lead good lives, but not extraordinary.

Who among us will lead an extraordinary life? Who will be the leader steps out on an issue? Who is strong enough in their beliefs and convictions to not only sell their Volvo for a hybrid, but to tell the world about it and get others to do the same? Who will stand up for the horror and revulsion that plagues our world today?"

Yes, she points out, the online community is powerful. But what good is power if all we do is use it to avoid doing the things we feel strongly about. How important is it if we've lost the will to fight for our causes?

Have we turned the wonderful and fun tools of Twitter and Facebook to just mere social toys? Do they do more to keep us out of real conversation? Rebecca shares some interesting stories along those lines.

Check out the and give her some feedback.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Facebook and the slave labor approach to success

Adam Ostrow at Mashable shares with us about Facebook's new application, Translations. Translations is a community effort to make the site available in your language of choice.

Adam's article gives us insight into the scope and methodology of the project behind Translations.

My take? This is more of the user generated content approach that companies are taking versus the payed staff approach. To me this feels more like slave labor. Yes, it's neat to get to contribute, but heck folks, you couldn't must up enough energy to translate something important? Like say? A classic work into Spanish for example? But you can spare untold hours helping a for-profit company extend it's assets.

Good grief. How about joining one of the numerous online translation projects and help everyone.

/rant off.

8 Ways to Shorten URLs

Mike Gunderloy of Web Worker Daily gives us a run down of 8 different URL shorteners, and highlight of their features.

Mike's list includes a couple I see frequently, such as TinyURL and urlTea. A couple other less well known ones are and Shorty. Shorty being a run it yourself tool.

This article is a great heads up to introduce you to URL shortening services; I recommend checking it out and finding one you like.

As a heads up, TinyURL has a Firefox extension for generating TinyURLs. There are more than likely extensions for others on the list.

What's missing? There are quite a few other shorteners out there. Mike picked these as representative, so don't feel slighted if you don't see your favorite. Share it with us in a comment!

Mike's article found via Scoble.

10 Ways Dan York learned to use Twitter in 2007

Dan York of Disruptive Conversations has posted an enjoyable and thoughtful article on the how and why of his Twitter use in 2007.

Some of the uses include:
Twitter as a Knowledge Network
Twitter as a Virtual Water Cooler
Twitter as Fun

Those are three of the 10 in the list that I can definitely apply to me.

Dan also goes on to share the unique way he accesses Twitter via Skype. He goes into detail about his use of Twitter4Skype, which ties a chat window in Skype to the Twitter stream. It appears there are quite a few upsides to this method.

Give it a read; you'll be informed and get a smile.
Found via Scoble.

Gizmodo reviews Wacom Cintiq 12WX

Gizmodo has put together a thorough and enjoyable review of the new Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

I'm a current Wacom tablet user and after reading this, I'm putting that the 12WX on my dream wish list.

Jesus Diaz sums it up with this:

"If you are a professional artist that needs to retouch stills or video or draw from scratch, the Wacom Cintiq 12WX's price is peanuts. It saves so much time and could make the job so much more precise and better that it will pay off in a few hours of work. In other words, if you do this for a living and don't get one of these, you will be wasting your money. Even with that little glitch, which looked like a driver issue in my iMac, I can tell you that you won't be able to go back to a regular graphic tablet or, God forbid, a mouse. The two-year guarantee just sweetens the deal even more."

Check it out. Discovered from Scoble.

Deleting a Facebook Account is tough

DailyKoS Shares a rant about deleting online profiles. It's worth reading.
Found via Scobleizer.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Doing it wrong?

Is it possible to do it wrong? Social networking and social media that is. Is it possible that the users can do it wrong when using these tools? What constitutes wrong?

That's the key question here. There are grumblings among some of the more serious users about how others are 'doing it wrong.' The idea being incorrect and unintended uses of social networking tools, e.g. Twitter, Utterz, Facebook.

Several types of complaints are listed in the wrong category. The most prominent complaint is that of intended use. In example, several users feel that the purpose of Twitter is what its original statement of intent was, to show a person's status. Yes, the original idea was that a user and his friends would all join and could check the Twitter stream for the latest status of their friends. Twitter usage today can frequently be found to be used as a mircoblog and for multichannel communication. Users are no longer just blindly posting their status, such as Away, Out shopping, etc, but are sending messages directly targetted at other users, often carrying on conversation with several other Twitter users at the same time. Likewise, users are posting messages on a regular basis with no specific listeners intended that are very short blog style entries. They may or may not be looking for replies.

Another way that users are perceived to be using social networking wrong is the content type, even beyond the conversational style. Many early adopters were in technical fields or communications or both. These types of users frequently used Twitter and Facebook to network with business associates and acquantances, or like minded tech heads. Robert Scoble,, claims that Facebook is his contact list these days. HIs contact list on Facebook is a who's-who list of CEOs, tech gurus, and more. Today however, not only are people adding their own who's-who, but they are growing their network by leaps and bounds by adding contacts that are contacts of their contacts. (say that three times fast) As an example, I've had numerous folks add me as a contact that are family members of contacts I've made. The friends list just keeps growing. Few of these new contacts in your or my list will end up being in our fields, related fields, or even vaguely along those lines.

So aside from the above being right or wrong uses and usage styles, just how did these come to be common on those networks? One word: Access

Access to these networks is the key. Just like the Internet used to be difficult and complex to get connected to, so were these social networks. The initial barrier for entry was just out of reach of the non geeks. Today however, online social networks and the creation of social media have extremely low barriers. They've become tools of the people. Not just specific people, but anyone with connectivity can participate. Who could have imagined social networks like Utterz, where anyone with a cell phone can network. Or Seesmic, where anyone with even the cheapest video recording camera can do video blogging.

The tools have become the tools we use everyday and those of certain age have grown up using their entire lives. My son and his friends all have cell phones. He picked up on Utterz the day he checked out the website. Some of my own contacts are now blogging thanks to Twitter and Utterz, where'd they'd barely heard of social networks months ago.

So is there a right or wrong way or reason to use Twitter, or Utterz, or Facebook? Is it better to record a video blog on a topic or participate in back and forth video conversations? Is one way and topical better than multichannel and free flowing? That's for each user to decide for themselves. That's the joy of social networks; each person can decide for themselves how to participate and what to tune into.

How are you using your social networks?

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Utterz Swag

Utterz Swag showed up at my house today! Talk about cool gifts via post. This shot shows goodies from the package.

Shown are a t-shirt, the Bessie keychains, notepads, and an inflatable Utterz item.

A picture of the herd to follow.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

OLPC - First thoughts by C. C. Chapman

OLPC is One Laptop Per Child. C. C. Chapman recently received his half of that Give one Get one promotion and shared his first thoughts.

Unlike some folks, Chapman has an open wireless access point available and thus was able to get the XO online in short order. That's good to hear. Based on other contacts of mine, there are a few small hoops to jump through for setting the key for encrypted networks.

I love his attitude about the machine as a whole, and this says it well.

"What I’m most excited for is people to begin hacking these. To develop applications for them. To take them to the next level and make them better then they are right now."

Cheers to Mr. Chapman and the rest of the XO purchasers. Can't wait to see one of these in person.

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Wording E-Communique

So News Bitch had something to say about wording in e-communication. She reminds us first off that Cyberbullying is real and making headlines. Next, she points us to Tim O-Reiley's Blogger Code of Conduct, where was had a reminder of the basic rules of writing email.

The basic gist is that cyberbullying can happen not just by intention but by accident. We often forget that the person receiving or reading the text we've sent out does not have the benefit of body language, voice inflection, or that hearty laugh you'd get in person. They are left to interpret the written word solely in the context of the material at hand and sadly, often with context that was purely in our minds.

Does the occasional emoticon help matters? Perhaps among friends. Likely those also require knowing what's going on in the writer's mind, and could easily lose meaning or be entirely misinterpreted by the reader.

I'll leave you with News Bitch's final passage.

"If you don’t have something nice to post… and if your readers don’t have something intriguing, thoughtful, humorous, obviously sarcastic, or nice to post… don’t post it at all. "

Friday, December 21, 2007

Opt-in email from a friend?

Did anyone else get an email like this? Is this normal? Have you sent one? Gotten one? WTF?

Hello All,

First let me say Happy Holidays to each one of you.

It is that time of year where I will be cleaning out my

contacts/friends lists. I am asking if you would like to

remain a friend and see most of my images to respond to

this message. At this point, I will update my lists


If I do not receive a response from you, I will take that

as you would like to be removed from my friends list and

make you a contact only. There is a reason why you are on

my lists and that is because I enjoy your work.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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The Joy of Peas & Susan Reynolds

On the Joy of Peas and knowing Susan Reynolds.

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Seesmic "cover flow" feature

My new favorite feature is the 'cover flow' style view below a post. The flow view allows you to flip throug someone's posts much like cover flow in iTunes. Great job Loic and team.

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Photrade is making $1 donations to the Frozen Pea Fund

Photrade, one of the hottest new online photo management and selling services, is making a $1 donation for each pea photo uploaded!

Go, do, now!

Not yet registered on Photrade? Contact @queenofspain on Twitter and she'll hook you up with an invite!

It is reported that Susan Reynolds is out of surgery and in the recovery room. The doctors say it went well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jim Long chats up Susan Reynolds - Peas and social networks

Susan Reynolds is battling cancer and she's got friends!

Jim Long is @newmediajim on Twitter.
Susan Reynolds is @susanreynolds on Twitter.

You could do way worse than to follow them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Facebook lost the Is?

Facebook lost the 'is' but so what? Did it change peoples lives? Was it worth the wait? Did your life on Facebook suddenly become more clear? Your friends, did they become more expressive in their freedom from the dreaded 'is'?

I'd like to chalk this particular change into the cheap eye-candy category. It's the type of thing you do that makes for good noise about your stuff, but is rather insigificant. It won't be a feature anyone talks about much ever again.

If you have friends that use applications that update your status, like the Twitter app, then the 'is' isn't even gone yet. So the much heralded loss of the 'is' doesn't even spread to all users.

All said, have you even noticed? Or are you still typing the 'is' in? Some of my contacts have taken to doing just that. Ha.

Me? I'm waiting for the next real feature change. Perhaps they'll give in a give us Friend Categories or Groups? Who knows, but I'm betting they give us another 'is' type change first.

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hot fun in the winter Or blogger meet up and beyond

hot fun in the winter

My friend the WOBL in training, aka Raquita, has shared a bit about the meet up last Friday. She's included links to the bloggers in attendance, as well as links to pictures. Yes, you can find me there if you look close.

On a side note, the WOBL blog is worth the read. She'll entertain you for sure.


Frozen Pea Friday

Frozen Pea Friday Flickr group - it's a tribute group to Susan Reynolds who was just diagnosed with Cancer. She has blogged about that here,…oobsonice/ .

As part of a tribute to her, folks are changing their avatar icons to include peas. Thus the Flickr group was formed,…iday/pool/ .

Give both the blog and the group a look. The blog is powerful and the pictures fun. Come join us will you?

Oh yeah, please check out the fundraiser as well,

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Comments - Log in or not

A follow up to a Twitter conversation earlier

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

J Mug from @wickedstepmom

@wickedstepmom sent the coolest thing, a Scrabble mug. Not just any old Scrabble mug, but one with the letter J. A personal favorite letter of mine. And she so knows I love Scrabble.

Thank you @wickedstepmom.

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10 Signs Of Twitter Addiction

1. All of your friends' names start with @

2. You know what a tweet is and don't snicker

3. Your tweeted while your wife gave birth

4. Your tweeted while giving birth

5. Your kids have to tweet you to get you to make dinner

6. Your mom joined Twitter to chat with you

7. All you want for Christmas is unlimited SMS use on your cell phone

8. Your sign your work email, @wonky

9. You don't read emails that aren't highlighted replies to you

10. You name your newborn @babygirl1

How about some others?

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Utter of the Day - 12-17-07

Golden Compass review by our very own PixelFish. The lady rocks the review with a good voice, and steady too.…OQ/utt.php

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Twitter - what's the point?

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Social Networking - Day 2

On day two, I learned about miniture cities:…Ng/utt.php

I started one of my own. :)

I planned on meeting folks at a blogger get together. Done via Twitter.

I learned others were having holiday parties, and heard live reports. :)

As a side effect of social networking, last night I was able to attend a St. Louis blogger get together. It was good time.…460817492/

All in all, a good day. What did your social networks bring you.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can you contact me?

Can you contact me? Figured it out yet? Besides leaving me a message here, there are a few other places you might find me.

Let's see....

Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce

Or there's always my blog,

And let's not forget Facebook…rofile.php

Hmm, got enough options yet?

Oh wait, theres one or two more places you might find me...

Flickr - oh wait, did you guess tojosan? Bingo!

And how about Last.Fm? Do you even need a hint? :)

See a theme here? I'll let off there for now and ask that if you really want to make sure I notice you, then you can send me a line via gmail if you'd like. (Note, please feel free to send me a link or something rather than actual attachments.)

'Nough said.

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Tojoville - Click it to success

So, like everyone else is doing it, so I started my own myminicity @, . Please click through and make it grow. I promise to name something in the town after you if it survives!

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Today's Social Networking - Day 1

Today social networking brought me first hand reports of serious weather across the country. Not only personal reports via voice, but pictures and video. I was excited to hear from someone who was at the NASA booth at the AGU. It was awesome to hear how todays youth was represented and came seeking knowledge.

Horizons were broadened as I was reminded that not every bit of information is equally useful, important, nor close, and what's required snow wise to build a snow man.

A friend with breast cancer educated me, while yet another entertained me a quick tale of Christmas.

I shared in another's mourning for the loss of family, while he shared his travels today.

Did I earn money? Did I crack the code of success? Did I 'get lucky' because of my social networks?

Perhaps none of those, but today my social networks brought me more and better relationships. That's a successful day in my book.

Today's thank you notes go out to Utterz and Twitter as the key social networks of the day.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alarming Interview at Utterz

I just posted my audio podcast interview with Randy Corke and Simeon Margolis of the Utterz team, complete with a fire alarm. Randy and Sim did a great job conveying their excitement about Utterz, including tips on how to Utter well. Thanks, guys!

Link to the podcast:

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Utter of the Day - 12-11-07

Chris Brogan shares his thoughts on tools and creativity and challenging ourselves. Check it out at Traffic Tree.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Animated Menorah reading by Goldie Katsu

Goldie Katsu reads the book The Animated Menorah. Here's a link to the first chapter reading:

The book is available at Amazon here:

To me, this is a wonderful use of social networking!

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Send Utterz to Our Troops Oversees

Send Utterz to Our Troops Overseas

Give our service men and women something to smile about this holiday season! In partnership with Soldiers Angels and emailOurMilitary, you can send Utterz to our troops just in time for the holidays. Just leave an utter greeting and tag it: "troops" "soldiers angels" or "emailOurMilitary" We'll take care of the rest!

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Utter of the Day 12-10-07

XO Laptops as Musical Instruments. Shared with us by thepete.
Very cool.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Twitter - What's your ratio?

My ratio is 183/160 - followers/following - or 1.14.
So I'm hovering above 1 for 1 currently. How about you?

What does it mean? To some of the more wordly tweeters, it seems to mean that you might be worth following, and have something to say. If your ratio was the other way around, perhaps all you are is a follower. Some in the more haughty circles might consider you less than that.

But what's it really mean? Honestly? Not a lot. You see, there are folks that are just 'followers' in life, hangers on. And there is nothing wrong with that. They would follow a baby typing random words. Each of us on Twitter accumulates followers like that.

The other type of followers we might have are those that honestly want to listen to us to really participate in my conversations, even if I don't follow back. These folks are probably more common than the random followers.

Finally, the last group is folks that follow me that I also follow. Hopefully that group is the largest. Those are folks I'm having two way or more complex conversations with. There in lies the real meaning.

So I'd say, if we could see the number of people that are mutual followers and maybe there post numbers and replies, we'd have something.

Until more data is presented, that ratio means nothing. If you want though, take a look at your numbers, and consider perhaps mostly the number of folks you follow that don't follow you back, and figure out how you value those relationships and conversations. Perhaps you'll find you can follow less, and reduce the amount of background noise, finding more real conversations along the way.

What are your numbers?

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Toy Recall Daily: Safe Shopping Guide/Illinois Attorney General

Toy Recall Daily: Safe Shopping Guide/Illinois Attorney General

Check out the Illinois Attorney General's Safe Shopping Guide. Warning: it's not short reading.

Facebook not for You?'s Upgrade Looks Great

Facebook not for You?'s Upgrade Looks Great

Marshall Kirkpatrick brings us information about Multiply's latest upgrade. In addition, Marhsall gives a high level comparison between Multiply and Facebook. To note, he comes down in favor of Multiply.

So what is Multiply? Is it another Facebook? It's in the same vein but it's been out a few years. They are not some upstart that stole the idea. According to the article by Marhsall and the comments below it, the customers swear by the service provided at Multiply.

What do I think? No idea. But I'm signing up today and giving it a spin.

You tell me; what do you think about Multiply?

Making Media Means Moments that Matter

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Speed Racer (2008) - Moviefone

Speed Racer (2008) - Moviefone

Check out the HD clip for the Speed Racer movie.

Utter of the Day - 12-07-07

@GeoSteph prepares for her LRO presentation to the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. Interesting listen, and she's got a picture of a model she's bringing.

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Finances & Your Second Life Look

One of my favorite people, Susan Reynolds, shares her insight into Second Life avatars. It is all about the look, at least for some folks. Susan discusses why something other than the basic avatar helps, and gives a nudge in that direction.

Susan makes it clear of the advantages and also mentions a few options:
1) purchase
2) design
3) scrounge

Well, you can guess which is the middle path, purchasing. Once in Second Life, it becomes evident that there are many things to master in designing even the simplest of items. For the rest of us, we'll be relying on the skills of others.

Not all designs are created equal either. You'll find that you get what you pay for. There are amazing avatars and avatar add ons out there, but the more uncommon, the more pricey. A good suit in Second Life might run you the price of an off the rack suit at Sears or JC Penny's. So not overly pricey but not cheap.

My recommendation? If you are going to spend sometime in Second Life, get some decent clothes at least. They don't need to be fancy, but I'll be honest, I'm more likely to listen to someone's pitch about something in SL if they look like they've been there a while, and are not a newbie.

Sounds a bit pretentious? Maybe. But take a moment to read Susan's take on it.


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The Economical Epicurean

The Economical Epicurean

The Economical Epicurean is a fresh and tasty new blog by my friend, Tracy Lee. Please stop by to read the introductory posts.

Tell them Tojosan sent you.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Utter No Nos

Utterz tips abound, but those are mostly do tips, but I'd like to share some Utter No Nos.

1) Don't Utter in the bathroom. Some things just shouldn't be shared.
2) Don't Utter with your mouth full.
3) Don't Utter during surgery.
4) Don't Utter during sex.
5) Don't Utter while arguing with your significant other.

There you have it, my top five Utter No Nos. Oh, there are more Utter No Nos. Perhaps you've got a few to share.

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Holiday Utterz are here!

Are you feeling stressed about having to label all those envelopes and lick all those stamps? Worry no more - send your friends a holiday Utterz greeting! They can even comment back to you on it (can't do that with a card!) Just create an utter and click on the link to the right of the utter! Happy holidays!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Utter of the Day - 12-05-07

Vets and Segways - a winning combination.

Check out newmediajim's Utter about vets getting a chance to try out Segways.

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Facebook Apology - Beacon

Today, Mark Zuckerberg apologized via the Facebook blog.

In summary, he states that they didn't handle Beacon well. Initially Beacon was set up to be opt out. After receiving numerous complaints, Facebook was slow to react. Just this week, Beacon has become opt in. In addition. Beacon can even be turned off completely.
A link is provided here:

What is Beacon?
Beacon is Facebooks tool for allowing other sites you visit to share information about you, and, for example, your purchases. This information is relayed to Facebook, and displayed on your Facebook page.

This lead to some funny consequences as well as serious, one mentioned a boyfriend finding out the gift his girlfriend purchased.

Go check out your Beacon settings on Facebook. You decide!

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Google launches iPhone App

Google does it again. And this time, it's all about Apple.

"Today, Google announced the release of a new iPhone application that integrates its multiple services into a single interface, making it easy for iPhone users to find, use and switch between Google search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more. To use the application, iPhone users simply point their web browser to"

In this case it's all about AJAX and Safari working together. Now if I can just afford an iPhone to try this out. Anyone out there try this yet?

Full Google blog entry here:

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Edit your photos on Flickr!

Flickr has brought the photo editing to you! Through a partnership witih Picnik, you can now edit photos right inside Flickr. Picnik is one of the best free online photo editing tools, and easy to use too boot.

Having use Picnik before, I'm confident that you'll find it a very nice addition to the Flickr functions.

Please read the Flickr blog post below:

For the more technical, this was brought to you via the Flickr API:

There is also an official help forum here:


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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Utter of the Day - 12-02-03

The XO project is all about bridging the digital divide. Today, PixelFish shares a bit of the joy of that effort.

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