Friday, December 28, 2007

Are Twitter and Facebook enough to change the world?

Rebecca Thorman at Conversation Agent takes a stab at that with her article, Social Media doesn't Create New Generation Leaders.

Rebecca speaks to the Y Generation in her article, but she could be speaking to us all. She both accuses us and questions us.

"And there's a majority of us who just sit back. We sit back, content to lead mediocre lives. To never step out. To work, to love, to lead good lives. To lead good lives, but not extraordinary.

Who among us will lead an extraordinary life? Who will be the leader steps out on an issue? Who is strong enough in their beliefs and convictions to not only sell their Volvo for a hybrid, but to tell the world about it and get others to do the same? Who will stand up for the horror and revulsion that plagues our world today?"

Yes, she points out, the online community is powerful. But what good is power if all we do is use it to avoid doing the things we feel strongly about. How important is it if we've lost the will to fight for our causes?

Have we turned the wonderful and fun tools of Twitter and Facebook to just mere social toys? Do they do more to keep us out of real conversation? Rebecca shares some interesting stories along those lines.

Check out the and give her some feedback.

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