Saturday, December 22, 2007

OLPC - First thoughts by C. C. Chapman

OLPC is One Laptop Per Child. C. C. Chapman recently received his half of that Give one Get one promotion and shared his first thoughts.

Unlike some folks, Chapman has an open wireless access point available and thus was able to get the XO online in short order. That's good to hear. Based on other contacts of mine, there are a few small hoops to jump through for setting the key for encrypted networks.

I love his attitude about the machine as a whole, and this says it well.

"What I’m most excited for is people to begin hacking these. To develop applications for them. To take them to the next level and make them better then they are right now."

Cheers to Mr. Chapman and the rest of the XO purchasers. Can't wait to see one of these in person.

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