Sunday, December 30, 2007 Now with Twitter

Photophlow, your favorite Flickr chat site, has some new features. Photoflow now has Twitter support among a couple other cool features.

Twitter support is manifest through two new features. The first allows you to send a Twitter message out from inside a Photoflow room. It's quick and simple. Just type "/twitter " and it's done. Also, if you have a photo on the right side of the Photophlow room, you can send a Twitter message about it with just one click of the tweet this icon.

Another interesting feature they've added is the "/topic " command. Once in a room, the owner or an admin can set the room's topic. Good for setting the tone of the chat.

Finally on the list, but more technical is EXIF data. Now you can click on the EXIF data link to see the information, if available, for that photo. Best for those photography geeks that get that sort of thing.

All in all a good set up features. The Twitter one was on the most requested list.

Take a look at and tell them Tojosan sent you.

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