Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Facebook lost the Is?

Facebook lost the 'is' but so what? Did it change peoples lives? Was it worth the wait? Did your life on Facebook suddenly become more clear? Your friends, did they become more expressive in their freedom from the dreaded 'is'?

I'd like to chalk this particular change into the cheap eye-candy category. It's the type of thing you do that makes for good noise about your stuff, but is rather insigificant. It won't be a feature anyone talks about much ever again.

If you have friends that use applications that update your status, like the Twitter app, then the 'is' isn't even gone yet. So the much heralded loss of the 'is' doesn't even spread to all users.

All said, have you even noticed? Or are you still typing the 'is' in? Some of my contacts have taken to doing just that. Ha.

Me? I'm waiting for the next real feature change. Perhaps they'll give in a give us Friend Categories or Groups? Who knows, but I'm betting they give us another 'is' type change first.

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