Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today's Social Networking - Day 1

Today social networking brought me first hand reports of serious weather across the country. Not only personal reports via voice, but pictures and video. I was excited to hear from someone who was at the NASA booth at the AGU. It was awesome to hear how todays youth was represented and came seeking knowledge.

Horizons were broadened as I was reminded that not every bit of information is equally useful, important, nor close, and what's required snow wise to build a snow man.

A friend with breast cancer educated me, while yet another entertained me a quick tale of Christmas.

I shared in another's mourning for the loss of family, while he shared his travels today.

Did I earn money? Did I crack the code of success? Did I 'get lucky' because of my social networks?

Perhaps none of those, but today my social networks brought me more and better relationships. That's a successful day in my book.

Today's thank you notes go out to Utterz and Twitter as the key social networks of the day.

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