Saturday, December 08, 2007

Twitter - What's your ratio?

My ratio is 183/160 - followers/following - or 1.14.
So I'm hovering above 1 for 1 currently. How about you?

What does it mean? To some of the more wordly tweeters, it seems to mean that you might be worth following, and have something to say. If your ratio was the other way around, perhaps all you are is a follower. Some in the more haughty circles might consider you less than that.

But what's it really mean? Honestly? Not a lot. You see, there are folks that are just 'followers' in life, hangers on. And there is nothing wrong with that. They would follow a baby typing random words. Each of us on Twitter accumulates followers like that.

The other type of followers we might have are those that honestly want to listen to us to really participate in my conversations, even if I don't follow back. These folks are probably more common than the random followers.

Finally, the last group is folks that follow me that I also follow. Hopefully that group is the largest. Those are folks I'm having two way or more complex conversations with. There in lies the real meaning.

So I'd say, if we could see the number of people that are mutual followers and maybe there post numbers and replies, we'd have something.

Until more data is presented, that ratio means nothing. If you want though, take a look at your numbers, and consider perhaps mostly the number of folks you follow that don't follow you back, and figure out how you value those relationships and conversations. Perhaps you'll find you can follow less, and reduce the amount of background noise, finding more real conversations along the way.

What are your numbers?

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